Debora and Joe's Story

The one thing most people agree about regarding the Dorko's, they both live in a supernatural realm sharing the love of their Heavenly Father.  They love going on God Adventures leaving a trail of profound healings and God encounters from hospitals to deliverance of gang leaders in remote areas.  Most importantly, they laugh and love well...

Debora is a Creative Prophet.   As Third Year at Bethel's School of Supernatural Ministry, she is currently interning for Iris Global.  Highly prophetic, she changes the atmosphere and environments through her artwork  during worship in church, at home, and even just through the canvass long after a painting is completed.  Debora intercedes and worships while she creates and there are many testimonies of people encountering God through healing and heavenly encounters while observing her  paint or as she extends invitations to co-create with her on her canvass.  All of her original paintings go to support her works in missions and travel as she teaches about the extravagant love of the gospel. 

Joe is a second year enrollee at Bethel's school as well. He is known for representing the father's heart and his infamous bear hugs. He focuses on Heaven and Business and it's influence on government while pastoring others within his realm of influence.   He also loves the prophetic and has great wisdom and teaching he loves to impart corporately and one on one.